The Omega Syndrome

The Omega Syndrome is a computer role playing game with a story inspired by the the Roswell incident and the X-Files television series.

We always thought we were alone in the Universe. But in the summer of 1947 all of that changed forever. An alien craft crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico and inside were found corpses the likes of which, had never been seen before...

The Omega Syndrome.

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Due to inept handling by the military, information about the craft and its contents were leaked to the press and hysterical reports duly appeared in newspapers around the world.

To prevent a repeat of the Roswell fiasco, it was decided that a single government entity should be responsible for the interception and "erasure" of all future incursions using all means necessary. In 1948 a deep level government agency called The Majority Group, was created for just this purpose...