We don't make games, we make worlds!

"We don't make games, we make worlds!"

What Are The Elements Of A Fallout Game?

Fallout games must use the 1950's retro style.
Even though Fallout games are set in the future, their stylistic elements are taken straight out of the 1950's. The cars, weapons, paraphernalia and humourous advertising banners are straight out of the 1950s. A game that lacks this retro style is not a Fallout game.

       We don't make games! We make worlds!

A Fallout game must have an open world map.
One of the things Fallout games are known for is their open territory. You can go anywhere on the world map and explore the special areas in any order. This doesn't mean the special areas are equally easy to complete. You're always given the option of leaving and returning when your character is sufficiently powerful. An open map is essential for a Fallout game.

       We don't make games! We make worlds!

A Fallout Game must have a rules system similar to GURPS.
When Fallout was in production the makers wanted to use the GURPS rules system. But this didn't work out for legal reasons, so they decided to invent a similar system called SPECIAL. Any GURPS player that sees Fallout's SPECIAL, instantly recognises its GURPS origins. So any Fallout game must have a rules system like GURPS to satisfy the hardcore fan.

A Fallout game must have strategic turn based combat.
This goes without saying. All hard-core Fallout fans demand this option from a Fallout game as it is part of what gave Fallout its unique character.

       We don't make games! We make worlds!

Fallout games must use the third person point of view.
Every Fallout fan knows a first person view point would reduce the game to a shooter and not only would this not work in turn based combat, it would destroy the strategic element. A Fallout game can never be a first person shooter.

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