We don't make games, we make worlds!

"We don't make games, we make worlds!"

A Checklist For A Great RPG Download

A great RPG download has a storyline and setting unlike anything you've seen before.
You might have stopped looking for RPG downloads because you think you've outgrown games. But you're never too old to let your imagination run wild. The problem is most RPG downloads are sword and sorcery epics and its easy to get bored with them. What you want is a fresh RPG download. Something in a modern setting with guns, bulletproof vests and aliens.

       We don't make games! We make worlds!

A great RPG download has maximum replayability.
An RPG download must have a rule system that's simple to understand and also allows for great complexity, so you can play a thief, a marksman, a hand to hand fighter or something else entirely. It should also have non-combative skills like medical, gambling, trading or survivalist to keep things interesting. The RPG download should have multiple paths through the game, so it can be played several times and you can try something different each time.

       We don't make games! We make worlds!

A great RPG download will have turn based combat and real time combat.
If you're not good at hand eye coordination or you like thinking about every move, turn based combat is something you need in an RPG download. If you love the excitement of real time combat then this is something you should search for. If you find an RPG download with both turn based and real time combat, then you've found a great RPG download because you can switch back and forth depending on your mood.

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