We don't make games, we make worlds!

"We don't make games, we make worlds!"

What The Players Say

AusGameDev: We've been getting some great comments from our players, but we haven't been saving all of them. From now we'll post them here.

AusGameDev: I just got this email from Jim on the 26th Feb 2006 (Jim bought OS some time ago and is playing it again after getting the Ver 2.20 update).
You've been busy! OS is really looking great. You have good balance in the opening. I was on the 2nd level, looting footlockers when OS crashed, however, the music, new look and feel to the inventory, personality had me thinking I was playing a Fallout level---seriously. The feeling is--anticipation---can't wait to see what's around the next corner feeling.

Really Good,

AusGameDev: I just found this comment from Maximous from Sept 2004 in the NMA forums (that was a lot of updates ago and the price is now $19.95).
Bought Omega Syndrome and played it for 2 hours. I actually liked the game. For $15.00 it is worth it. There is enough in the game to make it fun, and it is a hell of a lot better then Fountain of Dreams or Kief the Thief. Turn based is pretty good, you can "Target," it's 3/4 isometric view, and the graphics aren't all that bad. The cons are minor, only your main character can trade (easy to get around that), and the map-moving is a bit constricted at times. However, if you want to play a turn-based, pretty good RPG, and for $15.00 I'd recommend it. I say this because I haven't seen a new RPG in over 4 years that isn't "Fantasy". Playing Baldurs Gate again is a bit old, and I can't load Wasteland, FO1 or FO2 for at least another 2 years (I've played those at least a total of 30 times).

AusGameDev: Steven just finished The Omega Syndrome and had a lot of great suggestions. We're working on them now Steven. :)
The game is great fun and I look forward to continuing to play it.
I really do love your game and appreciate all of the hard work that you have obviously put into it.

Overall the game is pretty awesome, very much like Fallout.
3) I liked the mix of hidden locations/events, it was always interesting to get a new one (like when you find the reptoids controlling the sea monster/vehicle and only have 20 seconds to beat them before the creature gets to you), and more of those never hurt.
Overall this is a really great indie game, probably one of the better ones I've played. I've already started up a character specializing in impact weapons and survival (with trading thrown in for fun), and I intend to search the map even harder for more hidden locations/easter eggs. Combat difficult set to the highest setting of course ;).

Thanks for your help. I got through this time. Awesome response time and I love the game so far.

I'd like to say that I've been having fun playing this game so far.

AusGameDev: Tom is one of our biggest fans and was kind enough to post this comment at Download.com:
Finally a great independent RPG besides the ones by spiderweb software....This one really rocks...very well made and challenging.......Great turned based combat.......None of the big boys can touch this for shear playability...try it now.....

I think small developers are the future of PC games. Things are coming full circle with "fan games". It was the "little guys" with imagination and shoestring budget gave us the great games of the 80's and 90's. I think big business is ruining video gaming. That and the bogus idea that a game has to translate to "console" (Xbox or PSx) or it won't get produced by the big studios. More and more titles are coming out, with better graphics, but few have originality or engage the imagination like the simple classics. I actually heard a guy at a used video game store say, "I don't understand the turn-based RPG games--they're stupid. I like the quick fighting and buttons on my XBox." I was like...whatever, man. Sorry for the extended rant.