We don't make games, we make worlds!

"We don't make games, we make worlds!"

The Elements Of Good Turn Based Games

Good turn based games give you information about every attack.
A turn based game needs read outs showing the cost of every move and how many action points are left. It should also show your chance of a successful attack and what happens afterwards.
Hero attacks Monster's left leg (Chance To Hit 75%) - Hit!
Monster is critically hit in the left leg, crippling it.
Monster's armour deflects 23% of Hero's attack.
Monster is heavily wounded.

       We don't make games! We make worlds!

There must be a variety of weapons in a turn based game.
The weapons in turn based games must be different in their ranges and damage types, so the player can select the ones that suit their character's fighting style.

There must be different types of armour in a turn based game.
A turn based game needs different armours designed for different purposes to force the player to think about their strengths and weaknesses. Kevlar Vests are great at stopping bullets, but they won't protect you from claws, teeth, knives and crowbars. A turn based game must take these facts into account. The same can be said for the monsters in turn based games. Part of the fun of a turn based game is in discovering the monsters weaknesses. For instance, creatures made of sponge like materials burn and cut easily and are resistant to bullets and crushing attacks.

The monsters in a turn based game need unique behaviours.
Some creatures hit and run, some hide when struck and some stand their ground. Some prefer close combat while others prefer ranged and some explode when killed in a turn based game. Variety is the spice of life, so the creatures must have unique behaviours to keep a turn based game interesting.

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