We don't make games, we make worlds!

"We don't make games, we make worlds!"

What Are The Advantages Of The Turn Based RPG?

The Turn Based RPG is accessible to everyone.
Many people don't have the speed or dexterity to play fast action games and the only way they can join the fun is if the combat in an RPG is turn based.

       We don't make games! We make worlds!

Turn Based makes more sense for an RPG.
If an RPG is turn based then the skill of the character matters most in combat, not the skill of the player. By skill of the character I mean the skills they improve in when they earn experience and go up levels. By player skill I mean how good a player is at using their computer's controls. Would it make sense if a Level 11 Fighter was beaten by a Level 2 Fighter because one player was better at using the computer's controls than the other?

       We don't make games! We make worlds!

The Turn Based RPG gives you time to think and that's fun.
If combat is turn based, you can plan your moves in advance like a game of chess. Many people find it immensely satisfying to out think their opponents by coming up with the perfect series of moves to win a battle. When playing a turn based RPG you'll ask yourself questions like: Is it better to reload my gun and fire it? Or should I use my knife now? Should I use my remaining action points to dodge the next attack? Or should I use them to run for cover?

       We don't make games! We make worlds!

Turn Based RPGs are relaxing to play and isn't that what your leisure time should be about?
In real time games everything moves fast and the pace of the games are designed to pressure the players. Do you really want to feel pressured at the end of a long hard day? Or would you rather unwind with the leisurely pace of a turn based RPG?

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